Keys To The City Of Lost Angels
(Live Wires)

Sabine Pothier, who was born and raised in Moscow, is a classically trained pianist who discovered jazz when she was attending USC. While she studied music at the Russian Academy Of Music, the University Of Northern Iowa, the Boston Conservatory and USC, she is self-taught as a jazz musician. Among those pianists who she cites as influences and inspirations are Bud Powell, McCoy Tyner, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. Although she sometimes hints at several of those masters, particularly Tyner, Evans and Hancock, Sabine has her own voice on the piano.

On her second CD as a leader, Keys To the City Of Lost Angels (available from, Sabine performs original music with bassist Gabe Davis and drummer Harry McKenzie. While Davis and McKenzie are excellent in support and take occasional short solos, the focus is primarily on the pianist. Sabine has a harmonically advanced style, personal chord voicings of her own, and a stimulating post-bop improvising style. Among the highpoints of her set are “Ny Blues (Blues For McCoy),” the heated “Samba For Dolores,” “Obsession,” the quirky “In The Key Of Monk” and the fast jazz waltz “Purple Mood.”

Sabine is a pianist well worth checking out. Keys To The City Of Lost Angels is available from

L.A. Jazz Scene Review by by Scott Yanow

January 16, 2012 - Nola's: A Taste of New Orleans

It's always nice to hear Sabine Pothier work the piano. Playing Chick Corea's "Spain", Sabine's touch is both strong and brisk. Never miss a chance to hear her work. It won't be long before we're all paying lots of money to hear this giant of a talent.

L.A. by Jay Jackson